Company Profile

Suh Yeou Flanges

Suh Yeou was founded in 1975. In past 30 years, we have been devoted ourselves to the growth of the company in all aspects.

As our flanges are widely applied in petrochemical industries, we demand that every single production process meet standard requirements, from material procurement to material testing, cutting, forging, quality control.

Suh Yeou FlangesIn particular, quality control is our top priority to assure product safety to further build up client confidence while using our products. Because of our success on quality control, our products have won the Certificate of Quality Assurance ISO-9001.

We firmly believe that, by consistently working to eliminate production bottlenecks to reduce costs, and improve quality control, the traditional flange market can be transformed for the better, thus benefitting all users. We'll always press ahead this goal with our unchanged commitment to our clients.